THE PROBLEM IS HEAT Heat rises upward to the roof inside the building
Heat also radiates downward onto the roof from the Sun
A hot roof cannot release heat unless something cools it
Air Condition systems draw more electricity due to increased heat
Heat slowly damages the roof causing monthly utility costs to go up
Fast moving forest fires can also destroy the roof and then the building

THE SOLUTION IS WATER (see YouTube) Small mists of water is sprinkled over the roof with less pressure than rain drops
Water running off the roof is caught & sent back to the rooftop without any waste
A cool roof will last longer and cause you to need less Air Conditioning & Electricity
Our cooling device is small, lightweight, portable, fully automatic & solar powered
In 60 seconds, you can put the RainCool system in place and start saving money
No Plumbing. No Electrical. No Permanent Attachments. Just set it in place.

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