The RainCool system still work if the building does not have GUTTERS installed. In this case all you need to do is attach a water hose or some other water source such as a lake, barrel of water, pipe, bucket, well, etc. No extra power is needed for this attachement. RainCool will provide a suction that will pull the water through the hose into the RainCool pump. This water will not be recycled and the water source will need to be always available. If you do have GUTTER installed, simple place the RainCool Reservoir under the Downspout of the GUTTER. The water running off the roof will go directly to the GUTTER and down through the Downspout where it will be emptied into the RainCool Reservoir. The RainCool Reservoir will only catch water from roof sections with GUTTERS installed. Water will not be caught and recycled from sections without GUTTERS installed.
INSTALLING THE RAINCOOL SPRINKLER Ideally the RainCool Sprinkler should be placed at the very top center of the roof for equal distribution of water cooling over most or the entire rooftop. For convenience of reach from the ground to the roof, the RainCool System comes in three(3) standards lengths (20 feet, 30 feet, & 50 feet) of sprinkler attachment water hose and Solar Panel low voltage wires. Every item is small, lightweight and portable. The rooftop sprinkler weighs just 20oz (about the weight of a can of beans). You get the Sprinkler, Solar Panel, Pump, Reservoir, and Full Instructions (all that is needed). For insurance reasons, we do not provide ladders, hoist, telescoping poles or any other means of elevation. It is the users responsibility to place the Sprinkler device on the rooftop. No nailing or permanent attachment is required. Just place it in place and connect your water hose to the RainCool Reservoir. The system is fully automatic, self powered, & self contained. The Sun turns it on and off. See Picture Here.
LENGTH OPTION: 1 = 20 Feet, 2 = 30 Feet, 3 = 50 Feet